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Declutter Your Closet - Declutter Your Life

Your closet really does tell the story of your life. What you wear as you go through life takes on those memories and defines those moments. That we have no control over, but what we do have control over is what we chose to keep. Just that simple action can take your life in a new direction.

Think of your wardrobe, and how many different versions of "you" are in it. I'll give you a few examples to help you get started. Think of the new mom. Her wardrobe consists of pre-preganacy clothes that she wore for not just work, but also casual and social events. Then she has the pregnancy wardrobe that has a few different size options. Now she has the wardrobe that currently fits her new size and lifestyle. That's a lot of wardrobes! Where does one even start to declutter that?

When you declutter a wardrobe that is tied to different stages of someone's life the approach is always the same, but with a lot of emotions thrown into it. When it's time to let go of the career wardrobe that no longer fits either the physical body or the new lifestyle it can be an emotional event. I've worked with newly retired clients who find it hard to let go of their old work clothes, even though they know they will never wear them again because it feels like they are letting go of a part of their history. In these cases it is good to focus on where you donate to once you discard. There are special organizations that will take donations of items that help people get started on a new career path. This is a double joy, win/win situation.

Now there certainly are times when clothing can be considered sentimental and should be addressed separate from the clothing category. The old sports jerseys that sit in the back of closets comes to mind. These rarely still fit, but are kept because they tell a story and hold so many memories. This type of sentimental item should not however be confused with the items we hold onto that no longer fit. Everyday clothing that doesn't fit really doesn't hold a place in our lives. That is my opinion. If it doesn't fit, it should not be taking up space in your daily life.

There have been some cases where clients have kept wardrobes of different sizes and lifestyles than the one they are currently in. These items must still be checked to see if they "spark joy", like any other piece of clothing. The items that don't fit, but still spark joy, are stored and labeled and given a date to re-joy check. In most cases they rarely stay past the second round of joy checking.

When your life is changing; if it is because of weight loss or gain, job loss or new career, additions to the family, your life is changing and because of this your wardrobe will also evolve. You likely won't return to exactly the same size, shape or style that you were before these life changes. Do not keep the old you wardrobe for the new version of your life. We start the KonMari process with clothing, not because it's easy, it's anything but easy. We start with clothing because you will see and feel the rewards of your hard work everyday. Every time you get dressed it will be with the intentions you set when you committed to creating and building your ideal lifestyle.

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