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Toot My Own Horn

I am not one to stand in the spot light or look for praise. I love what I do and making my clients happy is my number one priority. Once I found my ideal client and grew my business I found that it wouldn't be so easy to hide behind a pile of clothes and shoes making magic. Many of my clients have blogs, vlogs and run successful businesses, having them share the benefits and joy that working with me has brought them is something I am so very thankful for. I wanted to take a moment to capture some of them in one place both to share and for my own reflection.

I cold called so many Toronto based influencers when I was first starting and searching for my ideal client. Only a few even replied to me. The very first one to reply was Catriona Smart. One of her super talented employees at Coco & Cowe reached out to me and we stayed in touch over the course of several months trying to coordinate ever changing schedules to get Catriona's closet and master bathroom decluttered and organized, It was a lesson in perseverance for sure. The process was shared on her blog. Her story telling of the process is a perfect behind the scenes view for anyone who is considering having a professional organizer in their space. Click here to see the YouTube video. I have since gone on to touch many more spaces in her home and with the completion of each project you can feel the joy it brings to the amazing family that lives there.

I was lucky enough to get another great client through my cold calling. This inspiring and beautiful soul will bring as much to you as she's brought to me just by getting to know her and her work through her Instagram Yes Supply. Reese and I stayed in touch for months, looking to connect on organizing projects and I had nearly lost hope of being able to work with her when she reached out to me to help her not only organize her personal space but also her goal worthy office. So many of my clients run successful businesses and it's always a great day for me when I get to support them in a completely different space. Her office is beautiful, inspiring and now very organized. Check out the video and fall as much in love with Reese and her brand as I have.

Another way I've come to connect with my ideal client is through Instagram. I follow fashionistas that are so much more than beautiful women in great outfits. They run businesses, employee great creative minds and in the case of Allegra Shaw, run sustainable fashion labels like Uncle Studios. When I saw that Allegra was moving and seemed stressed about the mess I DM'ed her and said I would be happy to help. Again lots of coordination and perseverance paid off and I was able to organize her clothing, shoes, make up, skincare and hair products into her new space. It was incredible to be a small witness to the energy, creativity and work ethic that goes into building a career like Allegra's. The spaces were rewarding and I love to see them in background of her posts, stories and blogs. Note that is NOT ME in the photo, but a screenshot of one of her stories that shows the amazing make up storage I was able to implement for her. Click here to see the process featured in one of her vlogs. With the recent Covid crisis Allegra has discovered another talent previously undeveloped, cooking. A kitchen that used to see minimal activity is now in need to organizing and I can't wait to tackle that project for her when it is safe to do so.

When it comes to media exposure it's something I haven't sought out. There are KonMari Consultants in Toronto who frequently appear on TV and radio and I've been happy to see them excel at that while I've been busy working with my ideal client and building my brand. I did receive a request from Redfin Real Estate for an organizing tip that I would give to someone in a small space. I gave the tip that I give to all my clients, invest in a good looking step ladder to make the most of vertical space. It was a great feeling to see my name and brand in print, something I would definitely do again. Maybe now that I've taken a leap into appearing in print the next step of appearing on camera won't be far behind.

I'll be sure to keep sharing more moments as merchandising magics happens.

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