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1-647-637-4746  |   shelley@merchandisedmaison.com

Merchandising Minute

30 min

Complementary Call  

We will assess your needs and talk about the features, benefits  and advantages of The KonMari Method™.

Merchandising Moment

1 Session - 2 hrs 


This is a one time tour of your space will focus on the benefits of The KonMari™ Method and how to apply them to your space in order to achieve your wellness goals .

 If you chose to progress to the Merchandising Marathon you will receive credit for your Merchandising Moment. 

Merchandising Marathon

3-5 hr Session 


We work hands on through all the categories as laid out in The KonMari Method™. The number of sessions are based on the size of your space and needs as determined during our Merchandising Minute and confirmed as you begin the process. 

More Merchandising, More Savings

The average space can take anywhere from 2 to 6 sessions and each one can be between 3 to 5 hours.

The more time we spend working hands on towards you ideal lifestyle the more you will save. 

Merchandised Maison 

DIY Package 

No matter where you live around the world you can experience the magic of Merchandised Maison.


Web calls are available worldwide to provide you guidance, support and accountability. We will work one category at a time through the KonMari Method. A call will be dedicated to each category with follow up emails and homework specific to you and your progress. 

The Merchandised Maison DIY Package is designed for those that are self motivated and just need that extra pair of expert eyes. For additional details on this service please contact me. 

Merchandised Maison 

Bespoke Service  

In addition to coaching you successfully through your Merchandising Marathon I can also apply my years of Visual Merchandising expertise to elevate your space to the next level. The Merchandised Maison Bespoke Service is a truly unique, upscale service. 

The Merchandised Maison Bespoke Service includes a sourcing fee and also involves the cost of storage and decor items. Each space is unique and the cost is individual to the size and specifics of the project. Contact me for more details. 

Retail Consulting 

Visual Departments are shrinking and even disappearing at an alarming rate. While at the same time today's Customer expects the social media experience to happen in real life, meaning Visual Presentation is needed now more than ever. 

The best option is to have an expert on site, maybe not all the time, but on demand. From organizational changes, Seasonal Launches, store openings, new concept development or the creation of Visual Standards and Manuals. No job is too big or too small for my 20+ years of experience in the field. Please contact me to arrange a one-on-one meeting for more details.