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Is the KonMari Method for you? 


The KonMari Method™ is more than an organizing method, it is a lifestyle, one that encourages cherishing things that spark joy. Belongings that no longer spark joy are acknowledged for their service and thanked before letting go. This philosophy resonates with people around the world because it is not only highly effective but also very introspective, mindful and optimistic. 

The KonMari Method™ is a process that one needs to commit themselves too, much like any other lifestyle change.  A professional organizer can come in and tidy your belongings very easily and effectively, but a KonMari Certified Consultant can work with you one on one, motivate and support through the decluttering process and then use their expertise to find the right homes for the items that spark joy for you. 


One of the biggest breakthroughs of The KonMari Method™ is that you work through the process tidying and decluttering by category vs location. This method ensures that all items of a specific category are checked at the same time to see if they spark joy and given a home that suits their function. Gathering all items of a category together is critical to your success. Tidy by location and you will be tidying forever.

Following the right order of the process as outlined in Marie Kondo's best selling book "the life-changing magic of tidying up" is key to completing the process and tidying your space once and forever. This is again another important reason to work with a KonMari Certified Consultant to keep you on track and moving through your space in the right order. 

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Taking the step to commit to and complete applying The KonMari Method™ to your home can extend far beyond your living space. Create the vision for your life commit to working through the process with me, and see that it's about far more than tidy spaces. 

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