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Capsule Wardrobes

My take on a capsule wardrobe may be different from many others. I've have a strong background in fashion and hate to think of limiting myself to a specific number of clothing items. What happens if I find and fall involve with something that puts me over my capsule wardrobe count? Because you know it would happen! I have asked me for my opinion on capsule wardrobes, especially since the world is buzzing over minimalism and decluttering. I do think there is a healthy mindset to take from the capsule wardrobe approach. Being mindful about what we have and how much we have can make getting dressed easier, more enjoyable and lead to a clearly defined style that's all your own. This is a common side effect for many who have been through the KonMari Method. As you take every article of clothing you own into consideration, you're surely see some hits, misses and shopping patterns emerge. It can show where you over buy and where you need to fill in some gaps in your wardrobe. I always have a mental list of what I need to fill in the gaps of my wardrobe since completing the KonMari Method years ago. So initially my thoughts on the capsule wardrobe trend were, no, not for me, ever. But then I forced myself to take a step back and pull from my experience and remembered the genius behind the Fashion Formula Wardrobe.

Thinking back to my years spent in retail I did see one formula for creating a capsule wardrobe of sorts that I've long held onto. This formula can help you build a collection in your closet that gives you more options with less volume. It also can be applied to the push that many have of going for quality over quantity. Investing in pieces with less fast fashion in the mix. I don't know the creator of the formula, but at the time I worked for Laura Canada and the Vice President of Sales, Lori Bailey, was the champion of it when it came to the sales staff living and breathing it with the clientele. Over the years I worked again with Lori at Jones New York and the formula was further developed to how I know and think of it today. So we will consider it Lori's genius and the formula goes as follows; 2 blazers (one fun and one business), 2 pairs of pants (one fun and one business), 2 skirts (one fun and one business), 6 tops (2 fun, 2 business and 2 "wow" tops), 1 dress, 1 pair of jeans and 1 outerwear piece. The formula is based on these pieces being of the same colour palette so they can be mixed and matched into a staggering amount of outfits.

Depending on your style or needs something like the 2 skirts could be switched to 2 pairs of capris or shorts. The piece of outerwear could be swapped for another dress in warmer seasons along with the blazers being switched to lighter layering pieces. But the formula stays the same and continues to provide numerous options. Now thinking of how to make this formula work from one year to the next is a lesson in investment dressing. The business blazer is the one you want to invest in, the fun one is the trendy look that could be more of a fast fashion piece. Same with the pants. One could be smart and tailored and the other a pair of leather look leggings. One of the 6 tops should be a timeless white shirt (still hunting for one...), that timeless white shirt can be a crisp menswear shirt in cooler months and a lovely linen in summer. So this formula can really focus your shopping once you have decluttered your wardrobe. It also doesn't limit the number of groups of this formula you have in your closet. You could have one black based wardrobe that follows the formula, one grey or brown based. Like a couple of capsule wardrobes in your arsenal.

In preparation for this blog post I was looking through my notes on my phone and found a copy of the formula that I had adapted to suit my packing needs for a 3 week trip through Europe. I remember feeling that I never struggled for something to wear, no matter what the agenda of the day or night. Everything mixed and matched no matter the city. I am going to attempt a versions of the formula for some upcoming trips, I will keep you posted on how that goes, One is a beach holiday and the other is a multi city Europe trip that includes a cruise so it will be a bit of a challenge but I'm up for it! Stay tuned for how it all works out and I will be sure to give you tips and tricks that help you continue to work with and develop your Fashion Formula Wardrobe. Shopping and building a style that's all your own shouldn't be so fast and easy. I think that's what has gotten so many of us stuck in a mountain of clothes that doesn't bring us joy, Sort your mountain with the KonMari lesson and consider restructuring it using the Fashion Formula. Your wardrobe should speak to you, be thoughtfully created and curated, just like your home.

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