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Start With Inspiration

It all starts with some form of inspiration. You have to have the smallest jumping off point to make the grandest creations. When I build the largest of window displays or in-store installations I will have an executive or buyer come to me with the smallest tidbits to create from. "Let's make a giant display based on one coat." Or let's make a window that says "prom". Ok.... so that's the inspiration now let's turn it into a vision and that's where it becomes uniquely your own.

You start your tidying journey with a glimmer of inspiration that usually comes after all the displeasure and internal nagging over your clutter. This glimmer could come in the form of a word like "minimalism", or "zen". It could be anything really that inspires you to create a vision for your tidying mission, think really hard about what that word or phrase is and build on it. It doesn't have to be easy to describe, but needs to mean something to you.

As you start to build around that one word there will parts of the puzzle that are entirely unique to you. They can come from existing sources like Pinterest, Instagram or your favourite magazine. In the Retail Industry we would always shop the competition and source for images to build our vision from around the world. Vision boards can be a great tool at the start of your tidying journey just like we would use them to focus creativity on large projects. So pin those pics and tear those pages and create your vision.

Now that you have inspiration and a vision let's take it one step further and make a goal. In the Retail Industry the goal is always to sell more of whatever we are focused on but your goal can be to have more of anything your inspired vision takes you to. So let's say that you start with the inspiration of having a calm home. Now the vision gets built around the word calm and what it means to you. Could be light colours and clean lines. And the goal of this calm, light filled clean space is to create a home where you can welcome in your friends and family on a moments notice.

I would love to connect with you on what your inspiration, vision and goals are. It is the best way to start your journey. Phone consultations are free and a great way to connect with someone that truly understands not just where you are starting from but where you want to be. No matter where you live around the world I can support you.

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